Friday, 21 March 2014

Hey Brother!

My little brother is not so little anymore! Having finished university, moved back down from Manchester, and landed himself an engineering job in London, he has set up home with his lovely ladyfriend.

They invited the cousins over for a long, and slightly boozy, Saturday lunch.

It is a tradition in my family that no-one is ever quite on time.

My brother had clearly thought this through and had an excellent anti-lateness strategy: pulled pork, slow cooked for 8 hours, served just warm.

Gently simmering chilli to go with or over, and potato salad to heap on the side

What didn't get scoffed first time round quickly disappeared into second helpings! 

Happy faces and full tummies! Well, I think from that grin that it all passed muster for our newest addition to the family.

My other brother is still a student, so we were all pleased he was having a proper meal. It's good to know the student habit of drinking wine out of mugs is alive and well!

I can't wait for him to start the MA in Film at Glasgow Uni. Such a cool city to visit... Besides, this family has its fill of lawyers, doctors, accountants - we need some edgy media types.

It's great to have family meet-ups and realise that it is us cousins who are the grown-ups now! I think the older generation deserve a bit of time-off after all those years of Sunday lunches.

One more photo of our hosts-with-the-mosts!! Awwwww ;-)

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