Friday, 31 January 2014

A Night at the Ballet

Some things never stop being magical. Visiting Covent Garden yesterday evening to see Giselle, I melted in wide-eyed wonder.

A friend had cancelled on the day: my babysitter was booked and I was hot to trot. Rather than slope to the cinema or grab some sushi, I decided to see if there were any tickets left for something a little less ordinary.

I wasn't disappointed.

There is something quite special about Covent Garden. As a little girl, I marvelled at the main staircase, gently stepped to allow gowned ladies to glide effortlessly down.

The glamour of the timeless details never fades - individually so charming

and then quite majestic as they sweep the balcony curves

Giselle is a gorgeous, ethereal ballet in the best classical tradition. As my dear friend and dance critic Mark Monahan says, it is the essential Romantic ballet.

(Don't worry, I didn't take photos during the performance, it's a photo of the curtain calls!)

I was experiencing this romance up in the gods and quickly discovered that the drama of the stairs is commensurate to the price of the ticket. At £22.00 that meant going up....

...and up

and round the corner and up again...

and up just a little more... don't look down...


...and then there I was: right in the middle of the excitement and the wonder, looking down on a jewel box of world class talent.

Up in the gods, I was so close to that beautiful ceiling I wanted to reach out and touch it!

Isn't there something peculiarly English about the honesty of the pre-ordered interval drinks!

Immersed in beauty, sipping fizz and looking down on the melee

I can't help feeling, as daughters dream and lovers know, that sometimes upstairs is the best place to be.

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