Thursday, 31 October 2013

The honour of my life

Giving birth to my daughter was exhausting, emotional, painful and absolutely one of the most profound experiences of my life. The beginning of an amazing journey without end! I was lucky enough to have a natural childbirth and able to be in the moment. I wish I had known before not to be afraid and that for all the agony and shock, it is something very beautiful.

My birth partner Antonia took this photo of my daughter's feet, only a few hours after she was born. As a single mum, I was so grateful for all the support Antonia gave me including taking such lovely pictures - they have let me relive a day that was pretty blurry!

my first baby steps

well, I seem to be making some progress setting up my blog! I must confess to being rather overwhelmed by the technology, that's never been my strong suit. I've managed to set up some pages and start to put some structure into the blog, though content to follow. Most satisfyingly, I have started a list of the blogs I love - so great to be able to share the bloggers who provide daily insights and inspirations.
And so begins my career as a blogger.. the latest of many lives - mum, daughter, lawyer, friend, lover. I have been so inspired by some of the great blogs out there (and I will do a list just as soon as I figure out the technology) and saw that there is a lot for 20-somethings, a lot for mums, but nothing speaking to the working mum who enjoys her two complementing lives.

I really do believe I am a better mum for working; and my career has become more successful since I became a mum. I want to express how positive and proud I feel to go out to work. No guilt here, my friends - after all, did you ever find a father who felt bad to go out and earn a living? Being a mum is the most expensive and the most enriching thing I have ever done!