Mission Statement

I really do believe I am a better mum for working; and my career has strengthened since I became a mum. I hope this blog can express how positive and proud women can feel to go out to work. No guilt here, my friends - after all, did you ever find a father who felt bad to work to provide for his family?! Being a mum is the most expensive and the most enriching thing I have ever done!

This blog tells the truth of working motherhood: its freedoms and adventures. It shares high quality content and advice on combining work and home, on building a rewarding career and enjoying the fruits of labour. The emphasis is always on digestible, time-conscious posts, rather than long-flowing musings. This blog has an extrovert side too and looks for new places to network and socialise, and new friends to bring into the fold - and I am keen to interview working mums, to reveal her insights and inspirations.

The most important part of this blog is you, dear reader. What are your experiences? How do you feel about being a working mum? Will you share your wisdom?

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