In my late 30s, living in London with my daughter and tortoiseshell cat, and working full time as a lawyer.

I am a single mum. For me, that was a choice, but I know it is where many find themselves and every path has its twists and turns. Bringing up a child alone is terrifying, relentless and utterly wonderful.

It's very rewarding to see my daughter learning and growing, and so much fun to hang out and fool around.

To talk about motherhood on this blog and protect her privacy, I just call her Kiddo.

Our cat, Xanthe, is a little camera-shy so I had to incentivise her to face the camera! She came to us from a rescue centre northlondon.cats.org.uk which is brilliant for recommending a cat to suit your home and family. Because she was three years old when we found her, she is much more child-friendly than a kitten.

London born and bred, I am passionate about this city. It is inevitable that London will be the great character of this blog!

For me, London is all about the bustle of the high road...

small shops..

..big shops

hidden jems in the backstreets...

...and the many and glorious parks

Oh yeah, did I mention that I work too??

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