Sunday, 26 January 2014

(not so high) High Tea

This weekend I saw Wolf of Wall Street on Saturday, then had my neighbours over for tea on Sunday.

It really was a perfect yin and yang: the fast-paced excesses of a Scorcese epic and the gentle pleasures of Earl Grey and local gossip.

Kiddo was at her dad's this weekend, so for once I had time to prepare a spread.. although that lovely Mr Marks N Spencer did help out a bit. Just like the Wolf, I rely on my trusted suppliers.

Lemon drizzle cake needs no introduction, but these mini Belgian caramel waffle biscuits were new to me and pretty soon we were getting along famously.

Say hello to my little friends!

The Wolf and his pals may have made the liquid lunch an art form, but it was strictly tea for us gals.

I can mix and match as many different styles of crockery as those Masters of the (pre-2008) Universe can mix uppers, downers and all-out brain-fryers! Take that, Leo!

I like my tea as pure as Mr Wolf likes his rather more advanced stimulants. Genteel cucumber sandwiches, and salmon of course: no garnish or additions, just a lick of butter and a crunch of salt.

No dwarf-throwing round my parts, but little hands did help empty the bowl of waffles.

Although a bit longer than it needed to be, Wolf of Wall Street is very funny. And a fab cameo role by Joanna Lumley, not to be missed and will always make eating donuts feel a bit extra naughty...

Having safely averted DeLorean-crashing hangovers by not drinking or having a DeLorean, we made sure there would be a feast to take for the ducks in the park tomorrow!

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