Thursday, 20 March 2014

First Breath of Spring!

Everyone has their own wisdom for knowing when it is time to welcome the arrival of spring - the first sound of birdsong, turning down the heating, rhubarb coming into season...

When my camellia first flowers, I know that winter is over.

And with the first green shoots start to peep through the wintered ground, there stirs memories of renewal and optimism.

But I know for sure that the seasons have moved on and spring is here that first weekend of the year I feel motivated to get out into the garden and tend it for new planting.

Then when I find myself going to the garden centre - just for ideas - I know hibernation is well behind me and the sure march to summer has begun.

Clifton Gardens is definitely my favourite garden centre, and maybe even one of my favourite London spots. It always feels like a secret oasis, tucked in the middle of beautiful Little Venice houses.

Although it tends to be a little more expensive than Homebase and online garden centres, the plants are very good quality and rarely introduce weeds into the garden.

Plus it's all so damn beautiful! I could meander here for hours, dreaming of the day when my camellia has grown up against the pergola like this!

I love the seasonal displays, and the simplicity of the first colours of the year.

It's easy to get carried away with fresh ideas and inspirations - especially when you have an enthusiastic helper!

 We drove home with a car full of purchases - I put the largest shrub in the passenger seat, but Kiddo could still reach out and pick the leaves from her carseat!

Euphorbia is one of my top plants - a reliable performer and great for filling out a bed. For some subtle colour, I got Hellebores too.

 All that energy and we deserved a treat. Hot cross buns slathered in butter!

I got to work planting while Kiddo played with one of her little boyfriends - romance is blooming in the garden, too!

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