Friday, 28 March 2014

Fat Friday Hamburger

After a few hard weeks at work, I'm having a day at home.

A bit of work to do, but still time to go on the Easter Egg hunt, give Kiddo a healthy lunch, put her down for a wholesome nap - and then sort myself a big fat Friday burger!

I know the burger revolution is sweeping London, but there is something special about homemade patties.

I gave up putting onion in burgers years ago - never found a way to stop the onion burning or making the patty come apart. So the Ballymaloe recipe, full of onion and spices, was too much for me. I was rather charmed by the version in Delia's Classic Editon, quaintly called "American Hamburger" and containing nothing more than meat and seasoning.

Today I decided to add some pesto to the patty, mix things up a bit. By rights then, this is Italian-American Hamburger.

Just pat it up, and watch it sizzle!

15 minutes or so should do it.

For an extra indulgence, a bit of mozzarella is veeerrry nice to fry up and go on top.

The pan juices are milky from the cheese, and lovely to drip over the burger bun.

Spinach to make it healthy. Yeah, right.

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