Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday brunch in Islington

I hadn't been back to Islington since I moved away four years ago. It was a pretty lively area then but now it is seriously buzzing.

It seems that the Islingtonites go out in force for coffee and brunch to soothe the excesses of the night before.


Camden Passage is lined with laidback all-day eateries, full of bruncher. It's a sign of how much Islington has changed to say that people were out in force in hipster outfits, and absolutely noone reading the Guardian.

I went with my friend, our Man From Gothenburg, to Kipfler, an Austrian brunch spot.

It lives up to its Austrian credentials with typical products on sale. I gave those a miss, having had my lifetime's quota of sauerkraut during a GCSE exchange programme in Konstanz.

It was coffee for our Man From Gothenburg, and an Orangensaft Gespritz for me. That's orange juice and sparkling water for those of you who sprechen kein Deutsch.

He had a very healthy nordic salmon with rye bread.

I had a rather less healthy French toast, done Austrian style with apple compote and bacon.

The bacon was so good it deserves a close-up of its own

Then a little mother's day treat, on the house! 

Gooey in the middle, just like this Mummy's heart! Though, the real treat this Mother's Day was the lie-in :-)

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