Thursday, 7 November 2013

Intelligence: Women in Science at the Other Club

The Other Club is a space for professional women in London founded by my friend and Evening Standard journalist Joy Lo Dico and Katie Glass of The Sunday Times.

During the day it offers hot-desk working space, and by night the venue we host a range of talks, Q&As, supper-clubs and networking events. Currently at a pop-up space in Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street, the runaway success of the Other Club will hopefully find it a permanent home very soon.

I went along with an old schoolfriend, to Science Night. This was something quite different for me as I have an arts background (before the law got to me, at least). But I realised how relevant and prevalent scientific issues are to so many aspects of my life. It was a world away from the dreary and inaccessible chemistry lessons at school!

Professor Athenae Donald is an expert in soft matter, which she alternatively described as goo - this is everything from shampoo to snail slime.

The relevance of her research is not just in making beauty products, but has been put to use in searching for cures for Alzheimers'.

It turns out Athenae has a great blog too!

Dr Uta Frith gave a myth-busting talk about autism

And a heated debate ensued about the greater incidence of autism amongst men - nature or nurture? It seems there is no clear answer.

Later we had a wonderful supper at the nearby fish restaurant, Wright and Co. The pint of prawns didn't last long enough for a photo...

... although we did manage to remember it was a school-night and their advice was to be admired, not taken...

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