Friday, 1 November 2013

Feelgood Friday: evening beauty routine

So good to have a Friday night in! When I first became a mum, I felt very conscious of being housebound on weekend evenings. But I've come to enjoy having some down-time. Friday evening is a great time to catch up on TV I've missed over the week. Two of my favourites, The Good Wife and Ray Donovan, have just finished their seasons so I'm on the hunt for something else - what would you recommend?

Either before or after telly, a long bath and facemask. My beauty routine has been transformed and simplified by the discovery of an electric face cleansing brush. There are several models on the market, some quite expensive, but mine is from Boots No7 costing £24.99.

After removing make-up, put on cleanser as usual. Then wet the brush, switch it on and work it around your face - start at the chin and neckline, then gently across the cheeks. Turn it onto the higher power setting for nose and forehead if, like me, you have more oily skin and larger pores in those areas.

Quite simply, my skin has never been so clean. After using the brush, it feels as if masks, serums etc just sink into my skin, and my face glows as if I've just had a facial.

I got into Khiels last winter when I was looking for a moisturiser to see me through the bitter cold months. This mask has become one of my star products, great for restoring the health and vitality to my skin.

Then the grandmummy of them all: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Recovery Complex. The lovely lady who sold me my first bottle many years ago described it as an insurance policy. How right she was, and no dreary forms to fill in.

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