Thursday, 14 November 2013

All I want for Christmas

In my family, the tradition is to write lists of things we want so that the giver has a choice, and the recipient a surprise! Each year as I accumulate more stuff, it becomes more and more difficult to think of what is appropriately affordable yet I don't already have...

...but after some conscientious consideration (nothing too much trouble in the spirit of public service), I did manage to come up with the top 5 presents for the working mum...

1. Beautiful bedlinen
Because proper sleep is what holds it all together (after decent childcare and white wine, of course). Look out for a forthcoming post on the City Women's Network workshop on Beating Burnout, Fatigue and Insomnia at the Grace Club... and in the meantime, take advantage of the mid-market trend for 200+ threadcount bedlinen. Both John Lewis and the White Company have widened their premium quality ranges with sheets and pillowcases that are soft and crisp. No hyperlinks - you know where to find them.

2. Truffle oil
Years ago, I heard a radio interview of Michael Bolton. When asked about Christmas presents, he said that in his household, there was a rule no-one spent more than $20 on a present because it meant you had to really think about what to get. I've never taken to his music, but I do like the attitude - so the Truffle Hunter's £12.65 Black Truffle Oil is my winning present in the Michael Bolton category! What else to slosh over pasta on lazy, indulgent winter evenings?

3. Personalised correspondence cards
Simply, how have I got to my late 30's without these? It is so nice to write a note or a thank-you without the pressure of filling a whole sheet with bon mots. Heritage, the wonderful company who made my birth announcement cards and christening invitations, will do 75 cards with tissue lined envelopes from around £120.

4. Daniel Wellington Watch
Needing something while I'm saving for a Cartier Ballon Bleu, this line of smart, pared-down watches is just the thing. My choice is a light and wearable classic, though the interchangeable coloured straps are a great preppy touch.

5. A great book to dip in and out of
Catching my eye this year are The Prime Minister's Ironing Board and Other State Secrets in which Adam MacQueen has trawled declassified documents to reveal insights both nuclear and quotidien, Linsday Bareham's latest book of unfussy and effective recipes, and for the coffee-table Aerin Lauder's lifestyle book (the effortless art of juggling work, motherhood and being a billionairess).

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