Sunday, 13 April 2014

Trip on the London Eye

When I realised that neither I nor my mum had been on the London Eye in the 14 years since it opened, it seemed the perfect outing for her birthday.

Two mums - and Kiddo of course!

It's not actually a black and white photo - it was just one of those grey London mornings. When we joined the queue, it was drizzling a little and we had fingers crossed that it would not turn to heavier rain.

Cheapskate that I am, I booked the standard ticket. I could have paid a bit more for the fast track ticket, but in fact the queue was not that bad at all. 

Luckily, the queue was covered over, so no frizzy hair to combat. Anyway, queuing is perfectly relaxing when you're sitting down and reading your favourite book ;-)

A little peek of blue through the clouds as we got to the front...

The two ladies of my life went ahead while I folded the buggy. Getting Kiddo in to the capsule was tricky, as the capsules are constantly (though slowly) moving and she was a bit perplexed by that. But Grannie's firm hand and sense of adventure ensured we all got on board.

I was surprised by how beautiful the capsules are. Dazzlingly clean, the view out was crisp and clear.

On the way up, my vertigo set in and I sat on the bench in the middle while my 2 year old daughter happily pressed her face up to the glass!

Somehow, as we rose to the top, it became easier. The other capsules disappeared from view and it felt as if we were just floating over the city.

The sun even made a brief appearance for us!

It was exciting to have a new perspective on buildings I know so well from the ground. And exciting, too, to see how the skyline is changing. I wonder how different these views will be in five or ten years' time?

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