Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Art for a Kitchen Wall

Reports that an Italian factory worker had a stolen Gauguin on his kitchen wall made me wonder what I would chose.


An iconic pop art portrait like Warhol's Campbell Soup? One of these would be great for an industrial style kitchen or a loft apartment.

Perfect for a wall 3 metres x 25 metres would be a Rosenquist painting. Loving his work, but will probably have to settle for a fridge magnet.

How about still life, maybe? Perhaps too macabre.

For the dream kitchen I have been planning on Pinterest, I think something more dainty and restrained is required. Vermeer's Milkmaid is my choice, as I love it's domestic subject and earthy colours.

She is lost in the food she is making. To my eyes, she is homely and motherly, pouring milk into a bowl, so I was tickled to read The Met's analysis that this is a sexual metaphor! The pitcher is a reference to the female anatomy, apparently. Something to think about next time I'm getting my cereal.

 The only question is how I will get it out of the Rijksmuseum - answers on a postcard please!

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